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From bone not dust


Inside the book Except we deny the truth, mysteries truly surround the “woman”. Her inimitable strength and awesome character, who can explain, in whatever angle or perception, she excels with imaginations beyond comprehension? Truly, she is from bone, not dust~ Can you understand her inconceivable strength and that clear beauty? She shares no commonality with the other animals. She grows from that sweet little girl like nectar that butterflies cannot resist, to an adorable wife of a noble husband; to a sweet mother of her lovely children and husband and to the nation and the world at large. What a unique creation! Graciously, she crowned the creative work of God with a rest after the sixth day. Since then she has kept the man on his toes; however he tries to ignore her plights, her charm draws him even nearer, she is irresistible....

Success all the way


In reality, success means different things to different people. Everyone desires success in what they do. There is hardly anybody that is satisfied at an existing level of life; no matter the accomplishment. Success can be described as the courage to let out the existing dreams and potentials inside self and giving them a space to spring out. Most people are scared of venturing into what is not a routine, but those that have tried it realize it is a normal track of life. The ancient Greeks had two famous sayings: “Man, know thyself” and “Moderation in all things.” Taken together, those two ideas are a good starting point for achieving the balance that you desire. With regard to knowing thyself, it is very important to give some serious thought to what you really value in life. All trade-offs and choices are based on your values, and all stress and unhappiness come from believing and valuing one thing and, yet, finding yourself doing another....

Beyond a sojourner


Where is the oil for children to use and keep the lamp burning during their years of independence, further growth, and accomplishments?” The answer to the above question gave birth to this book; “Beyond a Sojourner”. The world is compared to a local market because it is a converging point for many kinds of persons and animals; the rich, the poor, the mentally ill, the sound and the average; most people get what they want while others move to another market or return for more search. The length of stay in the market depends on when one finishes with what took him or her there; though sometimes, an emergency can shorten the stay. In the world, a similar but larger scenario and situations present; if you do not have what to sell, you should see what to buy. If you do not have either, then you have nothing to do there!....

Parenting Bedrock


ABOUT THE BOOK This book provides information for parents, caregivers and Health Care providers on the early developmental needs of a whole child. If bringing up a normal child is taxing, then consider when there are abnormalities. The development of a whole child requires balance in mental, physical and character development. Parenting Bedrock provides information for building strong and noble foundation in children that can withstand the winds of time. Currently, devoted parents are racing against the wind in their effort to graft morality in children. Fairness is fading rapidly from societies and may soon be obsolete as virtue. Children are uncertain of their position in the society, as they are in dilemma of direction or focus. There is no reward system for the upright or punishment for the offenders. It is pertinent to direct the focus of our children to the right values; or the future generations will evaporate with the trend. Parents should use this book as a partner and reference guide to daily parenting.

Parenting Milestones


The contents of this book cut across different facets and stages of parenting a child from birth to early adulthood. It will be relevant to people in different parenting stages and others in various fields of life that need more parenting knowledge and understanding. Like any project in life, parenting should have its objectives and goals. The prospective parents should have a picture of the type of family they intend to have. When does childhood cease or begin? The first step for every person who is starting a parenting process should be to provide answers to the above questions. These questions have several answers based on different laws, cultures and situations. The answers will help to provide guidelines and time frame to the parent.


The parenting encyclopedia ...

Parents Companion Vol1

Parent's Companion (Vol I)

This book has hints on parenting infants and young children. The contents are general issues we sometimes take for granted which are critical in the upbringing of infants and children. Present day parents spent more time in schools with teachers than with parents. Parenting is not taught in schools to prepare them for the responsibility. This book is specially written to guide different categories of parents towards success. This is the most important level of parenting because parenting season is early and the foundation determines the follow up phases and their successes. Parents must be alert to assist in vision, speech, movements and thought orientation of the infant.

Parents Companion Vol2

Parent's Companion (Vol II)

Most parents and other caregivers find adolescence mentoring challenging as the phase delivers a test to them. The results of their work feature later in the adult life of those children. Due to the rapid development of the organs during adolescence phase, and the immaturity of their minds, parents should provide guidelines early for life adjustments. This book discusses the changes that occur in the adolescents’ bodies, particularly the reproductive organs and the brain. Every parent and other caregivers will need to understand them for successful guidance to raise children with sound mental health and good self image.

Parents Companion Vol3

Parent's Companion (Vol III)

Most parents slack in their parenting roles when the adolescent years are over. Young adults need coaching on what they were taught while developing and they need to practice them early and learn from their mistakes. The parents will correct them before they make such mistakes in their homes.

Parents Companion Vol4

Parent's Companion (Vol IV)

This is a parenting book for young or inexperienced couples. This book provides balance in sound parenting, and also having a good marriage as these two areas are inter-dependent. The information of this book, provides parental roles at every phase of the marriage.


Handy guides to sharpen the future of children ...

Effective Study Guides

Effective Study Guides

This manual provides different guidelines to successful studies. It explains active listening and learning skills.



This manual teaches courtesy, manners and etiquettes toward character and social development skills.

Self Concept

Self Concept

This manual provides guidelines to the development of good self-confidence and esteem through self discovery.

Sex & Moral Education

Sex & Moral Education

This manual goes beyond basic sex education to incorporate other overlooked forms of immorality to curb its negative vices.

Time Management

Time Management

This manual teaches self and time management to enhance high productivity.


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